Installing EnterMedia

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Installing EnterMedia is as simple as deploying the EnterMedia WAR file to any JEE Web Container. We strongly recommend the Resin Web Server, although Apache works well too. After deploying, your web application is ready for use and customization. However, some EnterMedia capabilities rely on external software. Here you will find instructions to setup your operating system environment to get the most from your EnterMedia instance.

  1. Setting up the Resin Web Server
  2. Setting up the Tomcat Web Server
  3. Installing and testing the EnterMedia WAR file
  4. Setting up Imagemagik for image conversion
  5. Setting up FFmpeg for video conversion
  6. Setting up GhostScript for EPS and PDF support
  7. Setting up ExifTool for metadata writting
  8. Linux script

Now you're good to go. Please remember to restart your webserver after installing any software listed above.

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